Please rate your satisfaction level for following points related to programme, curriculum and facilities on a scale of 1 (Least Satisfied) to 5 (Highly Satisfied). If any point is not related to you please leave it blank.

1 Programme curriculum Quality
2 Overall learning and achievement of programme objectives
3 Assessment /examination /evaluation
4 Common infrastructure facilities in the Department /faculty/Centre (Drinking water etc.)
5 Library facilities in the Department /faculty /centre
6 Classroom facilities in the Department / Faculty / Centre
7 Laboratory facilities in the Department / Faculty / Centre
8 CT facility in the Department / Faculty / Centre: (Computers/Internet/Audio-Visual etc.)
9 Research facilities in the Department / Faculty / Centre

Rate the following Facilities of the University, wherever applicable

10 Hostel facility in the University
11 Sports facility in the University
12 Medical facility in the University
13 Extracurricular activities in the University
14 Seminar Rooms/Auditoriums in the University
15 Canteen facility in the University
16 Student's Support and welfare in the University
17 Security Services in the University
18 Library in the University

Please give your suggestions if any, on the improvement of the above

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